Advanced Massage & Associated Craniosacral Therapies
Terry Lunney, L.C.S.P. (Phys)

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I have been a Massage Therapist since 1987 and discovered my passion for Craniosacral Therapy in 1990.  I am blessed with a diverse and interesting client base that exercises every part of my education from postural rehabilitation, mobilizing the organs, releasing restrictions in the fascia and scar tissue, brain and spinal cord injuries, emotional releases to autism.  The youngest child I have worked on was 4 hours old; the oldest child was 104 years old! 

Since 2004, I have been volunteering several times a year, for an organization that gathers Advanced Craniosacral therapists from all over the world to work for a week at a time on children and adults in multiple hands-on craniosacral sessions.  These clients range in conditions from severely compromised where the usual treatment and protocols have been insufficient to stimulate change, to autistic children where our goal is to increase function and sociability.  The changes that we see happen for the clients in these programs bring pure joy to all of us.

The past couple of years I have been going to the Bahamas to work with the dolphins.  It is the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life to be in the water with these gifted healers.

I'm actively involved in education; traveling all over the world to take classes every year, as well as a TA and Preceptor for the Upledger and mentoring other therapists.